Caring for your new jersey šŸ‘•

So you've just bought a shiny new jersey with all the trimmings (name-set, arm tags, the lot!) or you've just sent us one of your old kits and we've jazzed it up with some WSL lettering. Maybe the temptation would be to stick it straight in the wash after it's journey to your front door.
Well hang on their friend, take a minute and read this blog first...
When we heat press your jersey we use a machine that heats your jersey up to 140 degrees and we bond the lettering to your jersey essentially with the fancy glue that comes on the back of the letters and number patches. We'd always recommend a few things to make sure you avoid peeling or stains on your patches:
  1. Wash your shirt through a cold wash when you get it (good for the environment too!)
  2. Put it inside out before putting it in the wash (this avoids the letters, badges, patches etc from rubbing against the sides of the washing machine / other clothes)
  3. Make sure you separate colours and never put a stripey number in a coloured wash (I'm looking at all those Juventus and Atletico Madrid fans out there šŸ‘€)
  4. If you're worried first time around then give it a hand wash to be safe.
  5. ALWAYS dry footie shirts naturally. There are so many different elements to a tagged up soccer jersey that you never want to risk putting it through a drier! I've ruined so many shirts this way!
Lastly, any issues with your foudys order then just reach out! Most issues are natural and can be resolved!
by Helen Hardy