Lewes FC Update

Lewes FC Update

We're so delighted to be working with the iconic Lewes FC for another season. As an organisation we feel totally aligned with everything happening at Lewes FC and for us it's the greatest honour to continue hosting products from the Lewes collection. 

What's on offer for 2022? 

This season we've taken things to the next level with the offering for 2022/23. As well as the beautiful new home and away kits we've also produced a number of bespoke pieces for Lewes including hoodies, beanie hats and scarves. Check out the collection HERE

Fulfilment @ Foudys

We'll also be producing and fulfilling all orders going through the Lewes website too so please direct any questions our way and we'll be happy to help you out! Foudys is undergoing a BIG change with our processes which will speed up your experience whilst keeping that personal Foudys touch. 

Ownership @ Lewes FC

Don't forget that you can own your own football club! Lewes FC are a fully fan owned organisation. You can shape football history, you can be part of this football movement and you can have your say! Learn all about Lewes FC ownership right here: https://lewesfc.com/become-an-owner/

Thank you to Lewes FC for trusting in us for another season and thanks to our Foudys family for supporting the growth of women's football by using our service.


Founder of Foudys 

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