FOUDYS & Hackney Laces

Here at Foudys we want to create a community around women's football. This isn't just a website flogging football shirts, it's about giving fans of women's football their own space. If you support a women's team you should be able to wear the clubs jersey and the women's lettering. You should be able to navigate a site and have equal space on that site and obvious pathways to get your women's jersey. It's really that simple.
As part of the next phase of growing our site we'd love to shine a light on some niche jerseys in women's football, that's why we've teamed up with the Laces family.
The Hackney Laces were formed in 2011 in response to a really simple issue: lack of space for women.
The club has grown drastically and caters to 200+ girls in East London. It's a community. It's a family. There's also other Laces clubs South London Laces, The Limehouse Laces and coming in 2021... The Manchester Laces. This is one big family.
In 2020 they saw what our founder Helen saw... a serious lack of investment in making women's players and fans feel and look cool. They brought on board an amazing design company called "NOMAD" to create their own custom jersey for the club. It's absolutely AMAZING. It features 2 embroided badges (why not) and a custom Nike tick in the club colours. It's just beautiful.
We've decided to host the jersey on our website. By purchasing this jersey you're supporting an inclusive club. 
Here's what the founder Katee Hui, founder of Hackney Laces had to say about their new jerseys:
A football kit has the power to unify people; for many it’s a huge part of their identity. The fact that Nomad has generously helped give us a kit that means we can all match and be uniform, which makes us look and feel amazing. It means greater sense of belonging for everyone involved.
You can get your jersey in our community section!