About Us

Once upon a time, there was a very irritable Geordie football shirt collector called Helen who was PROPER into women's footie. Helen was always trying to hunt down the latest NWSL jersey deals (with zero luck) and spent her weekends in the stands at The Academy Stadium in Manchester asking why all the fans were wearing Manchester City jerseys with premier league font on the back rather than The WSL font. Helen was confused... how can there be websites dedicated to classic footie shirts from the 1960's but you can't even get THIS SEASON'S women's jerseys with the proper lettering?

At first, Helen mentally parked it and got on with her life (sure, you can love football shirts A LOT but a girl's gotta live) but every single time she went to watch Manchester City or Manchester United play she would be irritated. How come the fans of the women's team can't support their teams in the same way fans can support the men's teams? So she wrote to clubs and asked the question: Why aren't they stocking the WSL jerseys in their stores?

In 2020 after months of discussions Helen was granted access to the FAWSL font. As of July 2021, FOUDYS are still the only non-club in the world stocking the official FAWSL font and FA Women's Championship arm tags. We also began to stock official Barcelona lettering (and we are the only Company outside of Barcelona FC dedicated to selling "Alexia" NOT "Aubameyang") and we'll begin adding more to our growing collection. As well as all of this, Helen began reaching out to The NWSL to support distribution and improve European jersey sales of the gorgeous NWSL kits. Since launching in December 2020 we've sold hundreds of jerseys to over 40 countries with tonnes of 5 star reviews. Helen left her full time job in January 2021 to pursue her dream of making women's football more accessible to the masses. 

So that brings us to today...

Foudys next big goal is to partner with the big sports brands to make women's football merchandise more accessible and spotlight this amazing sport. Foudys wants to generate more epic jobs in women's football and keep being a game change-her. 

Keep on the grass, 

Helen and the team (Kelly, Nick, Arbon, Mali, Karen, dog Bear and cat Donna)