Women's World Cup 2023

Women's World Cup - FAQ

Women's World Cup Kits FAQ

What time will the drop be on Thursday?

As soon as we're allowed which should be at 00:01 on Thursday 8th June morning! This will be our full range of our World Cup products across all countries and brands.

Given the official players names/numbers haven't been announced yet. What are the plans for that?

We will make it clear that you can select a preferred name for the shirt but instruct us not to print it until the associated number is confirmed if it is one of the squad players rather than your own custom name. Your shirt will be reserved for you and we will print it and deliver to you as soon as that number is confirmed. No need for you to panic about stock running about! 

Will you have warm up tops and other pieces from the collections?

Yeah, we have tracksuits, jackets, shorts and loads of other bits and bobs ready to put live once we can. Stock for these will be quite limited so get them early while you still can!

What patches are going to be available for the Lionesses England kits?

We will be doing the 'We Play Strong' patches once again along with the Euros winners chest patch which we're very excited about and the official women's namesets on the jerseys.

How much will the shirts cost?

We will priced the same as all major UK retailers this year for the shirts then our costs for personalisation will vary but that will be all visible on the product pages on Thursday.

Will you have goalkeeper kits?

We're trying really hard to get hold of some keeper kits for you but as of yet we've not been able to nail any down. We'll carry on trying though and you'll be the first to know if you follow us on social or are signed up to our emails.  

Will you be able to order a kit with the number?

This is what Foudys is all about! If you're pretty certain the player you want will be wearing a specific number and it's not going to change then you can order, select that name and number and we'll get that printed and sent out the door as soon as we can for you.

If you want multiple countries with names and numbers, how should we order?

The best way is to add all of the items you want to a single basket. Options for customisation will be on each product page.  

Do you have match and stadium kits?

Match kits (sometimes known as vapor kits) are higher quality kits that are what the players wear on the pitch whereas stadium kits are those typically made for the fans. We will have limited match kits across selected countries and stadium kits as standard for every country we're selling.

Can we get 'Williamson' on the back of the shirt even though she isn't going to the World Cup?

Of course you can! We're sure there'll still be a load of Leah shirts requested and getting printed by us.

Will you be doing kids sizes?

Kids sizes will be available for selected countries and prices will be again matched to other UK retailers.

Will you be able to send in WC shirts for personalisation if you've already bought them?

Foudys offer an upcycling service for kits to add in customisation such as names, numbers and patches. Due to increased demand over the World Cup, this service won't be available until August as we prioritise getting new kits printed and in your hands. You'll be the first to know when it is back up and running. 

Will you be able to select which patches you want?

Yes there will be options on whatever personalisation is available on the product page.

Will you be able to personalise a shirt with your own name?

This will be possible on selected countries kits but not every one of them. The option will be available if possible on the product page.

How long does shipping take and do you ship internationally?

Yes we do ship internationally. 

To a UK address: 4-14 working days

To a non-UK address: 10-21 working days

If we are delayed in getting a product to you we will reach out to you via email. We will always attempt to get items out as quickly as possible to you!