Leah Galton x Kids Collection

Leah Galton x Kids Collection

Introducing "Leah's Legacy," a heartwarming story featuring Manchester United's star player, Leah Galton, and her four biggest fans—her nieces.

In the world of football, players are often viewed as mere icons, stars, and legends, inspiring countless children and young adults to become footballers
themselves. However, behind the fame, these players are real people with personal lives, relationships, and families. In this case, Leah is not just a star player but also a sister, daughter, best friend, and beloved auntie to her nieces.

Since launching in 2020, here at Foudys, we have been dedicated to providing representation for women's football fans and players. As a result of our commitment and collaborative efforts, we now offer an expanded collection
of official women's football merchandise.

However, as part of our continued efforts, we noticed a deficiency in official
merchandise specifically designed for children in the women's game, which was unacceptable to us. After months of hard work, we are so happy to share that we are now stocking kids apparel, official WSL lettering, and selcted
patches (hopefully more to come).

Leah’s Legacy represents this significant milestone for Foudys and the importance of correct representation in the women’s game. We wanted to showcase our new offering and knew instantly that Leah Galton and her joyful nieces would be the perfect family to help us out. During the production of Leah’s Legacy, it was heartwarming to see the admiration Leah’s nieces had for her and her achievements.

by Eiri Pitman

Social Lead @ Team Foudys 

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